Carved in stone from Leaving Eden Album Between Heaven & Hell

                                    Another forgotten song                                       

one one that i wrote so long ago

I can barley remember 
oh how I need to know.
The words that meant so much to me
Lost and forgotten forever it seems
But then I hear it again in my dreams 
if only for a moment
to be seen!
I wanna remember I could never forget   
where weve been how far we've come               

I missed so much with so much regret                  

Without pain there'd be no healing                     

And without mercy there'd be no faith
And without dark there'd be no light                   

And without love there'd be no hate
Another forgotten dream                                     

one that I held for so long 
one that tried and I gave it all 
wondering what went wrong (what went so wrong)
A dream that was mistaken   
that demanded more than I could give               

This dream that took so much from me           
this dream of mine I tried to live.                         

Another forgotten name one that I happened to see     
It was carved in stone and weathered through time 
But at the time it meant something to me
If all a man has left to leave behind in this forgotten place
Is his named that lasts longer carved in stone than the memory of his face.
Another forgotten face one that I know i'd seen before so familiar i'd seen so many times and I'd hoped to see so many more.
As time goes by your face has faded from my mind     
left behind is a memory of the past oh why can't it last.  
I wanna remember I could never forget 
I wanna remember I need to remember and never forget.

I'm still standing: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
(Chorus A) "Laughing crying living dying winning losing giving choosing to be dancing turning crashing burning loving hating needing waiting calling receiving falling deceiving drowning blinded searching finding me. (Chorus B) "And I wish for only one thing I hoped in time that it all still remains but if the earth shall crumble beneath my feet I'll still be standing" Healing cheating begging pleading wishing dreaming hoping scheming drinking freedom misleading redemption building breaking creating making me. (Chorus B) (Chorus A) Staying with me.  Seeing believing leaving Eden lying pretending trying ending here. Na, na na, I'll still be standing. 

Needles: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album

"Cross your heart and hope to die sticking needles in your eyes do you promise swear on your life your word means nothing every time you lie"  Every time you lie there's nothing left to believe every time you cry use your tears to deceive whenever you choose to take what doesn't belong then you lose say you're right when you're wrong it's sad but true what's left for you (French) "Juste un pays age sterile de votre vie" (Chorus) Every time you steal there's nothing left to feel just the pain from the hell that burns inside whenever you try to get ahead of the game then you lie with no one else to blame are you aware you have no fear (French) (Chorus) You cheat when you managed to defeat every time you claim the prize is not the same whenever you hate someone else that's better than you it's not too late to change your evil ways. (Chorus) 

Crucified: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
When I wake up to a different day I gave my heart away when I make up for the time I wasted all along the way when I met you I knew you it seemed you knew me and I knew I could stay with you as far as I could see. But it's been hard as hell to keep that big old train rolling sometimes I broke down and choked down them tears I've been pushed around got knocked down still she keeps me rolling on she keeps me rolling on. When I try and understand it was always up to me if I knew now what I should have known then well dammit how could I see and if you ask about regrets I'd do every damn thing all over again. Sure I've been crucified been paralyzed been stunned by the things that I've seen and if you would have told me a long time ago what this ride was going to be man let me on let me ride I want a seat I finally feel complete man let me on let me ride cause you're here with me. 

Road to hell From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
(Chorus) "The road to hell is paved with good intentions doing the things nobody mentions look in my eyes at your reflection soon you'll realize you're redemption". Listen Mr. can't you see all the lies surrounding me I don't know what to believe my mind is deceiving me all the places I have been I've never seen so much sin. (Chorus) Sign it on the dotted line ease the pain that's in your mind in blood you sign your life away he'll take your soul another day don't tell me what I want to hear to save me from my fear. (Chorus) I've been through it of course I knew it but I never wanted to believe it you're so stoic don't you blow it now don't you know it now you'll never steal it away from me. (Chorus) Finally it's come to pass taking home your sorry ass there's nothing here left for you surprise what I'm goona do take your breath away we all got to pay one day. (Chorus) 

Roses: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
(Chorus) "Roses are dead violets are torn hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" You've taken the best years of my life what do I have in return when love turns to rage break me out of this cage you kept me for your trophy to place upon your alter like a sacrifice for your sins while I watch you falter (Chorus) I've given everything I could but somehow you took more my soul was stolen when you walked out the door now my love has turned to rage I feel nothing but sorrow you'll be back for me one day but for us there'll be no more tomorrow.  You'll be back for me one day your selfish ways I was able to look past I was willing to except your setbacks I thought our love would last (Chorus) 

A lover and a fighter: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
If I were a writer I would write about mistakes and lessons learned my whole life through I would think of you and I would understand if I were a believer I would believe and what I can not see before my eyes it must be true I would think of you and you would understand (Chorus) "And as the days unfold another story told once you've reached the bottom things are different than before and as the years roll by so many times now you've cried for pain and suffering is part of life but you'll survive as you wonder why". Ya if I were a singer I would sing about how I feel what's true and what is real I would think of you and they would understand if I were a dancer I would dance with you until the sunrise all the night through I would think of you and he would understand (Chorus) If I were a lover I would make love to you and only you I would think of you and she would understand if I were a fighter I would fight for what I believe until the end I would think of you but who would understand. 

Going down: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
No fear I have no fear (Chorus) "Fear is not an option danger has never been so clear you're going down". Your eyes tell a story I can read you like a book a coward from the truth and in the end sweet victory is mine I see it every time I'm about to prove it once again this is where it ends. (Chorus) I will tear down the house to get to you I will break through and I'm going to stop at nothing to break you down put you in your place on the ground talk is cheap when I'm looking at you on your knees you'll be begging me no God please on your knees. (Chorus) You talk a big talk you walk a big walk there's no end in sight there's no one left to fight your a wanna be now you will see if I must fight till death it's your last breath. (Chorus)

First bite: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
Asleep when they're awake alive when they're dead it's what I got to do some times to move ahead taking it on the chin as the cold burns my skin taking it all the way can I ever win I'm fried from the overload I can feel the heat turned it up. (Chorus) "I've battled all of my demons as I'm screaming for you it's all I'd ever known to do I've wasted most of my time for this reality to come true for me it's all for you I've broken all of the rules took the harder road the only way to go the only road I know we've been led astray first bite I can taste it I can taste the blood". I'll sleep when I'm dead live it up when I'm alive yeah that's the only way I've ever known to survive choose my battles pick my fights don't be afraid of me I'm too scarred to see I'm running out of steam I'm in way too deep it's caving in on me bring it on. (Chorus) It's insane. (Chorus)

I wait for you: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
Checking out New England time 11 PM I hear your voice over and over again but you're nowhere to be found when I'm I goona win I can't start over now I don't know where to begin. (Chorus) "Standing out in the rain I wait for you wash away the pain I wait for you I know you've gone away I wait for you can't wait another day I wait for you" But wait a familiar sound a song it's been so long it brought such tears to my eyes reminds me of how you made me cry but how you made me feel danger was it ever real a stranger to me helped me to be free desire oh how you cleanse me. (Chorus). I'm going crazy so fucking crazy waiting on you can't decide what I should do. (Chorus)

Back 2 Boston: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
Hell yeah. Took over in New England to the valleys out in Cali tapped out in sin city then played down in Miami revved up in motor city got robbed in Cincinnati woke up to reality then took off to New York City. (Chorus) "Gotta go with the music takes me gotta go no matter where hell yeah I'm there!" Now over to Chicago then the Indiana speedway drank bourbon in Kentucky we even played two countries in a single day. From Boston to London we smoked in Amsterdam Played a bunch of other cities then Back 2 Boston! (Chorus)  road Island and The Cape don't you turn your back on them waves watch out they'll kick you in the ass oh yeah we had a blast on the sands of Aruba up to Canada we came to see Niagara Fall then customs took it all. I've been all around the world to places I never dreamed hypnotized on this ride to places I've never been. Na, na, (Chorus)

Welcome to my world: From Leaving Eden's Welcome to my world Album
It's a world of hope joy and dreams beyond your imagination where anything can happen you're in control a temporary fascination. (Chorus) "Welcome to my world enjoy your stay I've prepared a place for you come inside and play follow me this way" See your problems in your life seem to just float away here you can feel safe at home day and night I hope you enjoy your stay (Chorus) It's a world of despair hate and greed beyond your worst fears where everything is gray cold and lonely you're on your own with no one to dry your tears (Chorus) No color locked away barely alive held hostage to your own mind welcome to my world what lies ahead is a wasteland left behind (Chorus)

Song Bang bang  by Leaving Eden from Album "Between Heaven and Hell" 
Bang bang you're dead
50 bullets in your head bang bang that's insane 50 bullets in my brain
If you can't see your blind 
if you can't change your mind 
then how can you survive
What keeps you alive
Who are you waiting for reach your hands out for more 
who will save you now 
who's goona show you how
To see the world as it is 
not what you want it to be 
do something to make a difference 
define  your destiny
Who are you counting on well I'm counting on you without you I'm nothing 
and without nothing I'm you
I'm trying now to understand 
what am my supposed to wash it all away
Should I toss it all away should I give it all take it all should I waste it all 
should I just lay down and let them roll right over me
Should I dig a hole 
run away hide away 
fly away
Last verse
Cause that's who you are right now 
a slave behave 
or you're going to pay 
one way or another brother
It ain't a threat 
but you'll regret 
and you'll never forget
What do you want to do blow this earth into 1 million pieces 
annihilate all the fucking species?
End  chorus

Execute my fear off leaving Eden's between heaven and hell album
Embrace me feel the pain touch me again and again make me cry I love it when you try
Execute my fear kill my dreams and desecrate mind will it never seems to be easier than you wanted to be it's never hotter than you expected to be it's not over till it's over it's never finish till the end execute my fear kill my dreams and desecrate my will
Never under estimate me take care of me if that's the way it's going to be crucify me I got your disease 
Chorus repeat 
The world could be a better place off leaving Eden's between heaven and hell album

The world could be a better place: off leaving Eden's between heaven and hell album


The world could be a better place

the world could be a better place could the world  be a better place what a shame who shall we blame
What do you want from me what did I take from you am I stuck in a perpetual dream I'll never wake up so I don't close my eyes because I'm tired of thinking what it all means 
Why are you fat and lazy are you fucking crazy are you insane you're so happy to be willing to let us fall wanting to tell us all everything is just the way it should be Bridge
Sabotage it's just a mirage I want the truth not what you want me to believe will it go away the way it was like yesterday so free so asleep well I ever wake up from this dream 
What's your name if you don't come back down from your higher cloud from your mountaintop shits gonna roll back down kick you in the ass like a volcano blast you never know what hit you you don't know nothing at all 
So far away so close to me I can almost see beyond this dream like yesterday so free so asleep some day I wake up from this dream 
Without you what shall we do
Who elected you said what you gonna do change the world in a single day well death squads lightning rods from hell torture and discipline it ain't nothing but a sin

Unborn off of leaving Eden's between heaven and hell album
All the signs pointing nowhere in the lines painted not so clear but I know for certain haven't lost my mind just an angry person just wasting time no I don't care we can go almost anywhere time will pass by either way will surely die and you want to make it right and live the rest of this only life even though in the end you live your life all over again all over again
So you stole it from the grave as they pick apart your soul should've left well enough alone now it's time to pay the toll do you feel it getting cold in the winter of a storm never never growing old as you wish to be unborn 
I don't know where I'm going God knows the life I've lived don't give much to living such an angry help as we search for angels with some wings to sell fly out of here we can go almost anywhere time must pass by either way will surely die surely die

So alone off leaving Eden is album between heaven and hell
We take it easy and we take it hard we take it anyway we can we take a pleasure in our own delight if it's what we like no matter where we've been chorus
Tonight tonight you're my delight tonight you're just right for me have some passion for me
Alone so alone I'll can this be with all the world surrounding me I feel so alone so alone how could this be with all the world surrounding me
Take it fast and take it slow rolling like a train
Happy playing paying okay no gain we take it on and we take it off we do it anyway we like no time for Werries no time for sorrow anytime day or night chorus 
We take it high and we take it low turn it on anyway we can lights of burning the earth keeps turning sometimes I never understand we take nothing and they take it off what's left for us to keep so keep it all leave nothing for me be begging while you weep 

How I miss you leaving Eden's album between heaven and hell
Mama I was just dropping you a line everything turned out fine with my life I know I never see you I surely wish I could maybe I might come by tonight it's too sad all these things I have to do if you only knew how much I love you I know I never told you I surely wish I could maybe I might tell you tonight
I was traveling down the road on a timeless ride you know I can't decide where to go I'd love to run forever I surely wish I could maybe I might drive by tonight 
And I think it's time to say that I know i've gone away but I miss you good of wanted it that way if we are so far away but I'm with you you know I miss you and I'm always with you I wish I was there but I just can't find the time

Leaving Eden self titled song by leaving Eden of between heaven and hell album
How I wait oh how I wait I look up and see the sun I look down and see the ground I look around and see love and hate I wonder why we've not begun
As if we cannot see what's right before our eyes vacant in the clutches of time hollow displaced in between 
I suddenly realized the garden was poisoned the fruit was decaying as we were leaving Eden when the fish washed upon the shore and the birds fell from the sky I find myself somewhere between heaven and hell
How I wait Oh how I wait 
No mercy when the wages paid can't buy your way out of here got to earn my way out of this place somebody's got to sacrifice a little bit more have I paid the price 
chorus how I wait

The silence is deafening it Leaving album between heaven and hell
I didn't want to change my mind but it was so hard for me I think I'd be too unkind I need to be oh so free I saw him upon the stage I wanted to be there how another could be so enraged
You'll never make it on your own you've never felt more alone you'll never be good enough for me only now I see Chorus
The silence is deafening I can't hear a thing in my mind you wanted to tie me down and when I turn around how could I be so blind the silence is deafening I can't hear a thing like before trying to hold me down and when I turn around you say you love me even more
Transcending into who I am afraid of who I may be finally I don't give a damn who you think I am because I'm still me I haven't changed at all you just remember me as something you wanted to keep another possession your obsession
I imagine my life with you had I taken another half out of never known all that I would do just to suffer from your wrath when you saw me go away I know you want to hurt me I wonder if I ever decide to stay how could you desert me

See my soul off leaving Eden is tied and bound album
Awake I've come to be through my own discovery suddenly and epiphany appeared to me I finally see the thunder of the sea the power of the wind the flooding of the rains the burning of my sin
You said you already knew because you've seen it once before now what to do you opened up the door together we fail together we succeed tomorrow is forever yesterday we bleed
The depths of hell is merciless no mortal man couldn't door separation from existence but who's keeping score I've seen the darkest hour over and over again for each it may be different but it's always the same in the end you motherfucker
So it happens to you it happens to me everybody everywhere evolving we can hear just touch me and I can see your soul if it's good or bad and you can see my soul

Redemption off leaving Eden's between heaven and hell album
Oh why
It's time to pick up the pieces again the warning signs I clear it sucks because you can't have your cake and eat it too I am looking for redemption I am searching for the truth I don't care about opinion sorry I can't help the fools
10 steps forward seven steps back yet we are rolling heavy close to running off the track ready to explode can't handle the heat where others may implode held steady on her feet oh why
It's time to pick up the pieces again the warning signs I clear it sucks cause you can't have your cake and eat it too
I aint searching for salvation I already found my way to hell 
I don't care about religion drinking blood from the Wishingwell I hold my faith with no reservation but I would never put my faith in you stay clear from all participation in anything I never want to do oh why
But you never had faith in me you never believed you were strong so strong so wrong
It's time to pick up the pieces again the warning signs I clear it sucks because you can't have your cake and eat it too

Ignite the fuse off leaving Eden's tied and bound album
Driving all night and all day seeing freaky shit along the way sleeping with the music from the road feel the rumble strips want to explode tired from the gig from the night before got to keep driving keep the foot to the floor broken down so we called a friend that's when the shift began
Stuck here for so many days trapped in the shell a living hell hey ho everybody saying hey how a little louder now it's time to ignite the fuse never win and never lose hey ho everybody now hey ho
We got a party to get to and we need a ride I'm sure I'll make it make it if We try y'all need a little time to unwind to get away from the scene of the crime we all need a little time to unwind to get away from the grind don't you want to get close to me most of me don't you want to get close to me close to me yeah
Smoking and drinking being really loud suddenly we look around and see the crowd playing music on the table and dancing on the street everybody join and you gotta chill to the beat
Jamming at the party like we never broke down music was blazing you could hear the sound of thousands of voices singing with me let's do it again come chill with me
Don't you want to get most of me close to me

Haunting off leaving Eden's tied and bound album
And it still haunting me getting stronger every day wondering what next we may see in such a peculiar way it's blowing my fucking mind
I gave more than I could take re visualize my fate and change the future the way it 
would be before the darkness filled the void thought I was paranoid I can see the future and it still haunting me
And it still haunting me all the pictures in my mind futures what I can see such a waste of time it's blowing my fucking mind so now I live with what I've known  feeling so alone I can face the future whatever it may bring and they never would believe they practice to Deceive they can see no future it's still haunting me 
I can't get away no matter how I try they can't take it away until the day I die they don't want to see afraid to believe why can't they let me be they practice to deceive 

Feed me my wine off leaving Eden's tied and bound album
Believe in me set me free come with me come and see feel my pain show your love need some shelter from the rain
But inside I lie awake and dream a dream bigger than me I dream of a life could it ever be so I try to see ahead of me 
preach to me feed me my wine lay down and suffer that happens every time quench my tongue burn my veins make me suffer without any pain 
na na na 
Roll with me through the fields live with me in the sun shine with me all around I may be gone when the morning comes 

Abuse me off leaving Eden's tied and bound
You want a taste let nothing go to waste you want to use me abuse me but don't be confused you feel my vibe take me for a ride you want to play that will be okay but I aint going to stay the night you want to own me want to control me you want to love me but that will never be so please excuse me and why excuse me I wonder how you'll ever never set me free
I want to feel you you look so mean just like oh I connected flow of how you feel So lean
Push it real hard let down your guard you give it all you've got you make me so hot I don't want your love I don't want your money I want your body honey
So please excuse me and why excuse me I wonder how you'll ever never set me free
Feel so wrong feels so right I know you're strong so very tight you want to own me want to control me you want to love me but that will never be

Leaving Eden Album: Tied & Bound Tied & Bound
i want to sing I want to scream
i want to see the world in a day
i want to fly  I don't know why
as I wonder what got in my way
there where people from all walks of life
trying to sink in their teeth
just to get their first notch in the gun
they had one thing in common
they all believed
people they come and they go
they seem to step aside how could they know
cause you had to have faith you had to believe
ya had to have strength ya had to conceive
the forces of evil are very strong
more powerful than most
for most it won't take long
weve been screwed overcharged 
underpayed and abused
weve been exploited avoided 
and falsely accused
weve been cut down let down fucked around
tied and bound
but nothing could take the music away
it's easier for a rich man 
to make it to the gates of hell
than it is for a poor man 
with nothing to sell
well we had our souls and they weren't for sale
dealing with the devil 
you either win or you fail
it's no happy game we choose to play
at least we're doing shit our own way
at least this time i'm goona do it my own way

Eroding away from leaving Eden's tied and bound album
For these debts you'll pay. 
As I'm tied to my senses buried beneath the waves Hidden from delusion through the darkest days The signs I getting clearer they multiply in my mind growing closer from the distance to questions left behind abandoned and forgotten eroding away trying to get stronger only two Decay The page is getting longer asleep within my veins touched by a spirit can't speak their names sent to me from somewhere guiding me through the signs and backed up on a journey seeing between the lines try to make some sense to give it all away share the gifts of earthly pleasures for as long as you may stay make no mistake about it inevitably one day you'll cast your debts one stone at a time and for these debts you'll pay

Dark off leaving Eden is album Tied and bound
I can't run from you I can't hide from you it's a walk in the park anyway you turn it's a friend in the dark blue so has burned it's a haze in the mist the gentle breeze I cannot resist when you're on your knees I don't want to make you pay so alone with you I stay make up your mind I realized I wouldn't trade your life for mine
I can't run from you I can't hide from you enslaving engraving my skin sleeping through my dreams feel you seeping in drowning in your screams pump up the volume Hear it clean when you play that fucking thing you make me want to sing 
I don't want to make you pay so alone with you I stay make up your mind I've realized I wouldn't trade your life for mine
I can't run from you I can't hide from you I'm surrounded by too damn many fools who want my place so now they make it more it's the pleasure of the chase your fetish the lines on my stockings the scent of my sweat beads down mine I know you'll never forget I can't run from you I can't hide from you

Battleground off of leaving Eden's Tied and bound album
Your like an animal more like a cannibal eating your way through me like a tidal wave a drug you crave
Breaking your way through me you're not a Step away the things you say pumping it up through me you're like a trip through hell all the souls you sell crucifying your way to me
Eating your way through me you're so very stoned Rollin in your zone smoking it up through me A pleasure game you play a treasure castaway buying your way to me it's like a dream to me but someone else's dream dreaming your way through me your like the air I breathe the very light I see burning your way in me
You heat me up like a blaze from the sun you cool me off when I'm having too much fun why am I chasing you should be erasing you fucking it up for me you watch my every move think you're very smooth trying to get to me you're like a fantasy only just a tease Searing your way through me like a battleground I can hear the sound blasting your way through me
You turn it on when the ride is getting rough you turn me down when I think you had enough 
You're like an overdose like the Holy Ghost praying your way to me you're like a Jesus Christ my only sacrifice cleansing your sins through me just like my judgment day you judge me anywaytestifying your faith through me you're like an early grave lying in your cave fading away through me
Eating your way through me
It's like I'm flying high straight through the sky soaring your way through me I Crayview every day I try and keep a way to keep you away from me you turn around with your back against the wall will you be there to catch me when I fall 
You're like a pain inside buried alive digging your way in me you're like a hurricane taking aim ripping your way through me eating your way through me

Ruthless game By leaving Eden the between heaven and hell album
Don't you want me don't you need me I have written so many times through the years of sorrow and pain and here I go again I must be blind though I laid the laws in this ruthless game
I played along and I tried to be but I just can't seem to give all that I can I may be wrong it's so hard to see that if I can't have you I don't want to love again you are the last my only dream the only chance that I had and don't you want me you are the last in an endless sea the only chance that I had and don't you need me
And I cannot hide from cold Eyes always searching for ways in which to see as the silence fades the echo  dies I drift into the dark of my lonely dream

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Feel alive
Walk on thru before the door closes 
You have one shot So yA better make it right
The world is wide open 
Why are you waiting to feel Alive
Life is but a dream Sometimes it feels so real 
Choose the road less traveled  Show me how you Feel
You got what it takes Life is far to short 
To throw away your time What are you waiting for
Maybe you'll wake up and wonder why
This is your chance Be dammed if it's gone
You got nothing loose Why must you wait so long
You got what it takes Life is far too short
To throw away your time What are you waiting for
maybe you'll wake up and wonder why
I hate to see you hurt It's better than watching you die
From deep within I can hear your crys
You got what it takes Life is far too short
To throw away your time What are you waiting for

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Lost
lost in the moment Looking for a way out
Lost in the moment Knowing without a doubt
Wait for the moment To find our way out
The present is here and in the now  The past is long gone
The Future holds the key But it takes so long
It's all in your mind But your still so blind

There's no where to turn
It's all in your head Left out for dead
Watch it all burn
Nothing comes free Your fantasy
Getting so high
Live by your sword like the overlord
watch them all die
You've got a name Who will you blame
When It all comes around
You've got a fight Watch your life
Come Crumbling down

Song by Leaving Eden from Album “Pinnacle” Song; Broken man
Beaten-down I see a broken man 
who tried so many times to end his misery 
But fate would have it in its own way
As if the hand of God reached down
Though he couldn't see
Thrown away I see a broken man
Who worked hard his whole life 
the only way he knew
His faith abandoned his future so bleak
Had only one plan to go to hell 
to give the devil his due
Chorus 1
Broken man What your eyes have seen
Broken man Survive your destiny
Broken man You know I give my hand
Broken man To see you live again
Left for dead I see a broken man
Who's family had forgotten
And threw away the key
You've got to show me
That you can make it on your own
So many times I've tried 
But you've gotta want it more than me
Chorus 2
Broken man will you ever learn
Broken man Feel the ashes burn
Broken manI hope you understand 
Broken man I'm waiting for you
Broken man  You must decide what to do
Broken man To watch you live again
Broken man This doesn't have to be the end

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Pure Evil
Go to hell from where you came
Step away from me
Pure evil in every way
And this Even I can see
Go to hell it's where you belong
It's sad but so very true
Pure Evil It won't take long
Before they recognize you
Get thee behind me
I warn you brother Hold steadfast
For this is as real as it gets
Get thee behind me
Your soul has never been right
you gave it away
Such is evils delight
Get thee behind me
Listening sharpens my sight
Just as the demons
Tear at your life

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Hate Me
Why do you hate me With nothing to prove
You violate me Breaking all the rules
You fascinate me you can never choose
To escape me With everything to loose
I spend my time with you Waste it all away
What else must I do Im sad you'll have to pay
I try to read your mind You won't communicate
Why are you so blind Why would you hesitate
The grass is always green On the other side
You have to be so mean Why do you have to lie
You like to play with me Then throw it all away
It's time for you to see It's time I had my say
All your contempt Will hurt you in the end
All of your deceit Will come back to you again
I try and change your mind You can't understand
Soon enough you'll find Catch me if you can
I'm sorry for you now That you have to learn
The hard way somehow I hate to watch you burn

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; I can't save you
It's time for me to leave
And I'm never coming back
Abandon me after I lifted you up
Use me I was a shoulder to lean on
Disturb me With the things that you say
Accuse me For all you do so wrong
It's time for me to leave
I'm never coming back
I'll be your stepping stone
So you can climb so high
Now your on your own 
As you wonder why
Your all alone
And There's nothing I can do
I'll be your stepping stone
But I can not save you
Burn me Feel the heat 
Kick me Down and out
Avoid me Your running away
Exploit me with or without a doubt
Cut me Hurts more than a knife 
Beat me If you think you can
Wound me I will recover
Cheat me Wasn't that the plan

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; I will let you down
Who I really am I’d give and never take back
and for your transgressions beware if I must attack
I will pick you up Just to let you down
sometimes I don’t know why you want me hanging around
self infliction is far worse than anything you could ever say
I battle my own demons each and every day
so think what you must cause I could never change your mind
I just may be who you’d trust standing by your side
I could aim so high and then end up so low
It’s hard to understand it’s harder to let go
don’t put your faith in me I would save you if I could
It’s hard enough to see I’m misunderstood
I wear my heart on my sleeve stone cold with no remorse
I will love you then hate you I will be your driving force
Take from me what you will I’d freely give it away
I’d only steal your loyalty (steal it away) 
But shine on your darkest day

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; We are not alone
Your not alone
I've seen the good and the bad of humanity
Desperation rings
Our children will inherit the earth 
And decide What the future brings
We are not alone 
in any shape or form 
believe in less then your a fool
bear no fruit Your gardens dead 
You've forgot the golden rule
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
wicked clown Wicked clown
When your world comes crumbling down
Everything exists as it should 
some feel above the rest
I would change their minds If I could
No life's worth more or Less
Bridge /Chorus 
Far away deep in space someone else is there
So very few have seen their face others deny in fear. 

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Break your fall
You ran with me I kept you safe
I seen you run away So far away
I stood with you When you were all alone
Battle wounds Burning to the bone
Ooo its up to you It's always been
From the beginning Through the end
How long You can't escape me
So long I've been here for you
I broke through the walls 
You cant escape me 
How long Do I stay here with you 
To Break your fall
You trust in me  I trust in you
That's all we need It's all We ever knew
You brake the bond You break my balls
I carried you When you couldn't even crawl
You made your choice You had to pay
You've always known You chose the way
I tried so hard I Kept my faith
You Turned on me But it was too late
I waited for you For so long 
You looked for me Already gone
It was the end Before we began
You wondered why you Understand
I've been here waiting for so long

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; "Calling Me"
I'm a ghost As I isolate 
in this room within my shell
Everyone is Doing their own thing
Living life As I live my hell
A coward dies 1000 deaths
the brave only but one ya
and how i live my life with no regrets
not until my work is done
I'm a rat On a wheel Stuck in a cage
I have plans Where they end in my own head
Never heard Never mind It really doesn't matter
Never more or less This ghost is dead. 
can you hear it Calling me I can hear it Calling me
there calling me ya I hear them calling me
I'm a ghost That no one can hear
In my mind Are thoughts  you'll never know
I'm a ghost  That no one can see
Trapped in a world Of waiting on tomorrow 
Im a spider in his web  Feeding off the dead
I'm a plane going down Hitting the ground
who's crazy who's insane shackled in chains
I'm a mess  Can you guess This Ghost is dead
I'm a lion in the jungle Lookin to rumble
I'm a snake in the grass eating the rats
I'm the dark of the night Looking for light
Like the stars in the sky They never seem to die

Song by Leaving Eden from Album "Pinnacle" Song; Hanging on a string
Promise the world Offer a deal
bring me down All you do is steal
My dreams away Keeping me waiting
And waiting so long It's so frustrating
Time keeps passing As it always has
My worst enemy How long can this last
Forever it seems Let me Spread my wings
Why must you Keep me hanging on a string
Keep me hanging on a string How Long
Penance inflicted All my life
it gets fucked up once again The edge of a knife
Cuts so deep Into my soul
If only you could see If only you could know
What do you want from me Every day 
I'm a sinner In every way
For I am who I am What more could I be
I've enabled You to Keep me hanging on a string